About Us

Every company begins with a moment of inspiration. For Legacy Endeavors, each day is an opportunity to further connect with this spark and commit to the company’s mission. The continued wellspring of inspiration is simple: the people Legacy supports. When one of the founding board members, Lori Jasper, first met the individuals Legacy would later serve, she says, “I knew then I had made the right decision and was thrilled about forming Legacy Endeavors.”

Jasper, Kathy Shroyer and Gerald Glomb partnered to found the company, and in the years since 1999, Legacy Endeavors has strived to maintain the ethos from which it was created: person-centered services that respond to both the immediate needs and aspirations of individuals with disabilities as well as continued investment in a supportive and welcoming environment for its employees.

At its inception, Legacy Endeavors only provided adult foster care services. In order to better serve individuals and to respond to the ever-changing needs of the community, the company now offers a broad range of services and supports throughout the Twin Cities metro area. Some of these include in-home supports, independent living skills and supported employment.

“It is both humbling and an honor to serve others,” Jasper states, which is why Legacy Endeavors is committed to maintaining the integrity and quality of the services it provides. “When someone is interested in receiving our services – any of our services – we ask, ‘Is it a good match?’” Legacy believes there is nothing to be gained by increasing the number of people served if the services provided do not adequately meet their needs. When the company recruits employees, it looks for people who are competent and compassionate, but also for those who want to share a part of themselves – their talents, gifts and skills – so as to enrich the experience for the individuals Legacy is fortunate enough to serve. The company’s motto is happiness, friendship and personal growth, and these tenets apply to all people.

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